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Rising to the Challenge
Injection Moulding

Moulding with Silicon for over 10 years

Rubber has been used for centuries but today silicon acts as a good substitute for rubber. It is man-made material that is typically inert, contains low toxicity levels and is largely heat-resistant. For these reasons and due to its rubber-like texture, it’s often used in cookware as well as in lubricant and adhesive materials. It’s used as an alternative material in synthetic rubber electrical and insulation applications. Moreover, manufacturers use silicon in place of latex products such as feeding nipples and pacifiers.


Forward Thinking

But we at Thormac use silicone for manufacturing one of our customer’s electrical distribution insulating parts. When they first came to us the customer was searching and failing to find a company that would work with their requirement. We set about learning the who, how and why’s and soon we had agreed to invest in the customer’s product by putting in place 2 Desma machines capable of handling silicon.
That was over 10 years ago, and we are still manufacturing that product to this day.

How come we have this product for over 10 years? Well we in Thormac we have measurable and deliverable KPI`s. We have regular Internal Audit by Management Team. We have Client Reviews – Feedback integrated within the system. Ongoing staff Training – with a commitment to client KPI`s and client audits.

We also love the challenge so if you have a product that is “crying out” for change contact us.

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