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Value Added Assembly
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Wide Range of Capabilities

Our range of tonnage machines makes it possible to cater for all our customers’ needs for both large and small parts. We also cater for low to medium volumes. Using our ERP system, EPICOR E10, we can manage our supply change both for plastics and for parts required for value added assembly.

Offering More

Using our collective industry based knowledge, we offer the most appropriate solution for the product based on our customer’s requirements, the demands of the application and the cost point of the product.

We have already completed a number of plastic for metal substitutions. We also process bespoke plastics developed by our customers and processed on our customer’s behalf.

In many cases, we have taken innovation as the application of a non-familiar technology to an existing application to affect an improvement in the end product; we employ an open approach to product innovation with the focus on the desired end product as opposed to the perceived limitations of the technology.

We can take a product from Design to Production, utilising our background of tool making and design for manufacture. Quotations are offered in the clients required currency.

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