Design to Manufacture for Injection Moulded Products

Designing Your Product to be Easily Manufactured

Designing for Efficient Production and Low Cost

Design for Manufacturing is the process of designing or engineering a product so that it is easy to manufacture at the lowest possible price. The process includes a review of the raw material selection, secondary processes (finishing, plating), dimensional requirements and even final packaging.


  1. Reduces material, overhead and labour cost
  2. Shortens the product development cycle
  3. Focuses on standards to reduce cost

Key Principles in the DFM Process:

  • Minimize part count
  • Standardize parts and materials
  • Create modular assemblies
  • Design for efficient joining
  • Minimize re-orientation of parts during assembly and/or machining
  • Simplify and reduce the number of manufacturing operations
  • Specify ‘acceptable’ surface finishes for functionality

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