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Wittman Battenfeld 350T

Thormac Machines

We have a broad variety of machinery ranging from 25 tonne to 1100 tonne. With this it allows us the versatility of doing all our moulding in house.

Equipment List

ADM 1100T
MIR 800T
Sandretto 610T
Sandretto 550T
Sandretto 500T
Wittman Battenfeld 350T
Desma x2 968.250T
Demag 275T
Wittman Battenfeld 240
Kawaguchi 180T
Wittman Battenfeld 180T
Sandretto 135T
Sandretto 110T
Sandretto 100T
Sandretto 50T
Sandretto 30T
Arburg 25T

We have expertise in moulding with a wide range equipment and materials. By discussing your component requirements with us we will be able to help you to prioritise the properties that are important for the success of your given industry products – whether it is flame resistance, UL ratings, strength, durability, etc.

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