Working With a Wide Range of Plastic Materials

Plastic Raw Materials

At Thormac we work with a wide variety of plastic raw material to cater for our customers’ needs.

Thormac’s Plastic Materials


Plastic Description
Silicone Low thermal conductivity, low chemical reactivity, low toxicity, resistance to UV, O2 and ozone.
PA66 Heat ageing stabilized, good flow and mould release properties, good surface.
PA6 High rigidity, high heat resistance, good flow and mould release properties.
PVC Excellent chemical resistance & low water absorption, good dimensional strength.
PC UV stabilised, easily released, low viscosity, available in transparent/translucent/opaque.
PMMA High mechanical strength, highly scratch resistant, low moisture/water absorption.
TPU High elasticity, transparency, oil/grease resistance, high abrasion resistance, high shear strength.
PBT Excellent electrical/mechanic/chemical properties, excellent temperature resistance, high resistance to fuels, oil, fats and many solvents, excellent wear property and weatherability.
PVDF Flame retardant, excellent surface finish, corrosion resistance.
Valox Excellent chemical and heat resistance, flame retardancy, good temperature performance, very good process ability.
LNP Compound Heat and UV stabilised, enhance base resin stiffness and dimensional tolerance, flame retardancy.


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