Thormac offers a full range of tooling solutions

A Wide Range of Tooling Support

Thormac offers a wealth of knowledge from the perspective of producing tooling that is “fit for purpose” for a prototype run, pre-production, low annual volume or fast cycling high volume production.

Tooling Analysis and Solutions

In order to arrive at the correct tooling package for the application we analyse the customer’s requirement and expectations, the expected tooling budget and the anticipated life cycle of the product in order to achieve the most satisfactory result in the shortest time for the least cost.

  • Thormac offers a full range of tooling solutions from ground up tool build and commissioning, to tool refurbishment and tooling optimisation.
  • We use a network of international and local toolmakers. This enables us to offer a large degree of flexibility on cost, quality and lead time.
  • We also offer project management services for commissioning of tooling.

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